Painting With Mothers

These are works by my great-grandmother, Gertrude Springer, and my mother, Debbie Stofer, with my response drawings. Great-grandma’s and Mom’s works were presumed to never have an audience past their families and friends. My mom is, among many other things, an arts and crafts teacher, and some of these were made in the company of her students. Others were made in the company, and sometimes with the help of, her young children. I know less about where and when my great-grandma made these paintings, except that she was living in Iowa.

Paintings with Mothers (Details)  1945-2020, watercolor, colored pencil, crayon, and graphite on paper, various sizes. Collaborators: Gertrude Grindal Springer and Debbie Stofer.

Installation Possibilities

These photos show some past arrangements of work in my studio, a cabin I lived in for a bit, and a lightroom that would inform future installations.

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